Countertop Refinishing

Your countertop is one of the most important parts of your home. It can be a space in your kitchen where you prepare food for your family, a personal area in your bathroom where you can do your own thing, or generally, a single work surface. Regardless of its use, a countertop is undeniably an essential part of everyone’s home.

A countertop from 50 years ago, however, won’t always stay the same. It will look weary and old over time, and its battle scars will become evident eventually. If you’re tired of looking at your worn­out countertop, then it’s time to come up with an efficient but affordable solution.​

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Don’t replace your countertops immediately because there’s a better way of restoring it. Through countertop refinishing, you can repair chipped, and age laminate countertops with the use of simple but efficient techniques and safe compounds. Restoring your countertop also allows you to choose from stylish options, this may include fresh coatings, faux granite refinishing and a lot more designs to choose from.

What is Countertop Refinishing?

Countertop refinishing is a process of remodelling and resurfacing an old or existing countertop to prolong its functionality without replacement. The process starts with the application of hard and durable acrylic coating to your old countertop. This is a general procedure when restoring any countertop be it kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, breakfast bars and sink vanities.

​With advances in technology, countertop refinishing is easier and faster. Refinishing companies are also able to improve their services, offering durable, cost­effective and visually appealing designs to homeowners like you. However, like most restoration procedures, countertop refinishing needs to be done by a professional who has the knowledge, skills and experience. Make sure that the professional you hire only uses the best materials and techniques to give you the best countertop you could ever imagine.

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What are the Advantages of Countertop Refinishing?

​Countertop refinishing is inexpensive and practical ­ this is the number one advantage of the process. Sometimes, replacement is not always the best remedy for your old countertop, most especially if your only problem is unsightly chips and cracks, stains, burns, discolorations or even countertop design and style.

Apart from being expensive and time­consuming, countertop replacement can also be very messy, and it’s best that you avoid the demolition process and the waiting time for installation that comes with it. Disposal of your old countertops and the repair of sink fixtures during replacement may also incur additional cost. All these can be avoided if you choose the simple and inexpensive process that is countertop refinishing.

Countertop finishing is a quicker and easier way of bringing life back to your old countertops. Unlike countertop replacement, which may take days and even a week to complete, resurfacing can be done within 24 hours or 36 hours the longest. You’ll be able to use your countertop again in a day or two and not weeks.

In cases where a countertop is one­of­a­kind or a rare piece and homeowners would want to keep it as much as possible, then countertop refinishing is the best option. If you’re one of these owners who don’t want to toss your old countertop to the trash for a new one, you can keep your beloved countertop by having it refinished. Extend the functional life and restore the original look of your countertop by hiring experts to do the job for you.

Overall, a refinished countertop can give you the same feel and quality as a newly replaced one. If maintained and cared for properly, your resurfaced countertop can last for approximately 10 to 15 years or even more. Finishing coats are available in a wide range of colors and textures; all you have to do is choose the best one that will perfectly match your decorating plan.

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How Much Does Countertop Refinishing Cost?

​Refinishing is way cheaper than replacement. You can restore your old and worn­out countertops for almost half of the price, and it will typically help you save 30% to 70% compared to replacement costs. If you want to give your countertop a whole new, different look on a tight budget, you can spend as little as $350 upwards of $800 on the higher end for refinishing. For the best work possible it’s best to go with a professional. Far too many times has someone called us up saying they needed to redo a reglazing job they just had paid for because it wasn’t good enough.

With countertop refinishing, quality and appearance don’t need to be expensive. If you want to breathe new life to your countertops, don’t replace it, rather, refinish it!