Tile Reglazing

​​Old and dated tiles can show signs of stains, chips, scratches and discolorations which is not a beautiful site to look at! Worn and grimy tiles are not only undesirable, but they can also be tough to clean. Damaged surfaces can accumulate soap scums and dirt, harboring bacteria that can cause illnesses, and overall, an unhealthy environment for you and your family.

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Eventually, your once beautiful and vibrant­colored tiles will show their age, and you may have to decide whether to replace them or opt for an equally efficient and cost­effective method of remodeling. Tile reglazing and refinishing is a major undertaking, however, it’s highly possible! In fact, you can make your tiles look brand new again through tile reglazing.

With tile reglazing, worn out tiles can feel like new, plus, it’s also easier to maintain. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars when you have a viable and affordable alternative with the same effect as new tiles. There are numerous remodeling techniques that professionals today use, so everything is possible.

What is Tile Refinishing?

​Tile resurfacing is a technique used by professional contractors to repair and resurface old and damaged tiles using proprietary refinishing materials designed for wet areas. Reglazing restores your tiles luster and appearance as well as their function. If tile reglazing is done meticulously with a skilled application, its appearance and durability can last for many, many years.

The tile reglazing process is not easy; professionals have to use special equipment, materials, and solutions which may include bonding agents, primers, and refinish coats to restore your old tiles. Following the tub and tile reglazing process, expect that your tiles will turn out immaculately clean in the end. A refinishing agent will be applied on top of your old tiles to make it look more glossy and durable. The whole process of tile resurfacing, including the drying phase, can take as much as 24 hours to complete, so you have to wait by then. One of our specialties is ceramic tile refinishing and making it look good as new.

If you want to try this method by you have zero experience, it’s best that you avoid the “do­ it yourself” trend, instead, hire a trained professional or a credible company who will do the job for you. Bathroom tile refinishing is an excellent method to complement your space, furniture and fixtures. Some of the home areas that you can reglaze include tiles in your shower, floors, walls, countertops, bathrooms, sink and a lot more.

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What are the advantages of Tile Reglazing?

Apart from being a cost­effective alternative to tile replacement, tile reglazing has a lot of other benefits. The most important one is restoration. Homeowners who have old or rare tiles would want to keep what they have as much as possible. Sometimes, because of the rarity of a tile design, it’s impossible or expensive to look for the same one in new condition. Tile reglazing is the only option in this situation; the method can bring back the life of your rare tile pieces and make it new again.

Stains and discolorations are major tile issues that drive the majority of homeowners to turn to tile refinishing. Excessive wear and the use of harsh and strong chemicals for cleaning are the primary reasons why your tiles get stained and discolored. However, if you decide to reglaze your tiles, a gloss glaze finish will be applied to your old tiles creating a smooth sheen finish that will breathe life into your whole space.

Tile refinishing will also prove to be advantageous if you want to change completely the color and style of your old tiles. There are reglazing kits offered in the market that have color tints that can alter the overall appearance of your tiles and enable you to choose from a variety of options when it comes to color scheme.

Lastly, one of the best advantages of tile reglazing is that most resurfacing compounds are permanent which means that they will always be subject to warranty, providing luster to your tiles for many years if applied efficiently. Tile reglazing can hold the same value as tile replacement because the compounds used are not for temporary purposes. Once the entire process is done, and your reglazed tiles dry out, you can treat it with the same methods and chemicals as traditional tile surfaces such as cleaners and polishers.

How much does Tile Resurfacing cost?

If you’re planning to remodel a particular space in your home, say for example your bathroom, you have many things to consider before proceeding. Take into consideration the scale of the project. Would you like to replace a few tiles or rebuild the entire space with new ones? You should also integrate the thought of the cost of materials and your budget when coming up with a decision.

If you wish to restore the life of your tiles, while cutting back on cost, the best option is to turn to tile reglazing. The average cost of tile reglazing is between $16.95 to $142.36. However, it can require much higher depending on the size of the space, the number of tiles to be resurfaced, the area where you live, the length of the project, the complexity of the space and among many other factors.

Tile Reglazing is a useful method to restore old tiles. It doesn’t create a hole in your wallet, and it’s as useful as tile replacement. For a robust and durable finish that’s durable, make sure to hire a professional tile reglazing professional for your home.